A downloadable game for Windows

This was an experiment - about making a level and playing with inheritance.

Basic 'plot': You, as the first person shooter, have to shoot & hit the blue portals - allowing you to teleport yourself to that location… teleport until you find the end of the level!

The 'Hows':

  • The level was designed using simple 3D cubes, stretching them and placing them in different places and with different orientations.
  • The gun was added to the FPSController (gun made in blender).
  • There is an Empty at the end of the weapon: the bulletSpawner(bullets will spawn from that location). Attached to the bulletSpawner is a script to instantiate a bullet when a mouse button is clicked.
  • The bullets are made as prefabs. Two scripts are attached to it: one to add a force to the bullet (once it's created), and a second to kill the bullet after a certain time has passed. A trail renderer was also added, in order to be able to visualize the bullet's path (here, in black).
Published Nov 29, 2016
AuthorFeyriane Does Art
Tags3D, Classes, FPS, gun, portals, project


portalgame.7z 7 MB


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